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dont tell them youre sane ark sz
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dont tell them youre sane ark sz

a boy i know is sick in his head -
at least thats what the doctors say he is
shut in his room for hours on end
looks like hes forgotten, but is he
his mind it ticks, more than you know
one day something in his head will click
warders fill him full of lies, he fights he knows
theyll never convince him that hes mad!
at breakfast he is strapped in a chair (wont go far)
just a word out of place, hes sent to his room
dont tell them youre sane
theyll laugh and put you to sleep
dont tell them youre sane, but you are
tell me what you did today, was it good
what was it like and who was it with
dont think im prying id just like to know
why it is you do things so slow
take him to the doctor, see what he says
i dont know why he bothers, hes in for good


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