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ultra-dead ark sz

you thought you were dead
ha! im not done with you, yet!

im going to the morgue to hunt you down
im going to the cemetery to find you
im going to your grave to dig you up!

faggot! faggot!

i want your face chopped up
i want your bones destroyed
i want you

ultra-dead! dead!
ultra-dead! dead!

i have the power to bring you to life
and to kill you all over again!
you shall die a thousand painful, lingering deaths!
i won?t be happy until i see you suffer
way beyond the threshold of pain!!!

its time to die!!!

ultra-dead! dead!
ultra-dead! dead!

i have to smell your burning flesh
and taste your bleeding skin
id love to see your bones crushed
and watch your head get smashed in
die! dead! dead! dead!

i want you dead! dead!
i want you dead! dead!

dead! dead!


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