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broken ark sz

it will never be the same do as you do and remove yourself from the blame youre the best at that and you put it on my shoulders making me the one to name you could never accept youre wrong and all along you look at me with shame who do you think you are? you used to say when id try to put you in your place no matter what the time or the day you found a way to break me down again and make me feel like nothing and i know you dont get it and you probably never ever will but best friends arent the ones to make the kill now i see your job ill never wish you harm for it will come back ten fold and i hope you one-day see what you do without me youll never succeed just like you said it one thing was to hold me back this psychic said and i think i found it and was looking around it for it was you who i wished it never to be the quan is broken and will never be the same my best friend threw me away without a reason just to see how far i can fly well never look back too hard to take that just for the sake of remembering i hope i never see you again


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