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zig-zag walk ark sz

dave peverett - pevwrite music - ascap

the way you walk aint walkin, its something mama dont allow.
let your hips do the talkin, and pretend you dont know how.
ruby red, oh baby blue,
heaven knows what i can for you,
when youre out there, doin the zig-zag walk.

stiletto heels in stockins, trace the seam up to the top.
and youre daring me to touch you, but i wont know where to stop.
a little rude, thats what you say,
it must be hard to keep the wolves at bay,
when youre out there, doin the zig-zag walk.

zig-zag, well its my kinda move,
big drag if i cant cut the groove,
no stone gonna be unturned,
when youre walkin, walkin and a-talkin,
baby, doin the zig-zag walk.
uh, doin that walk.

the way we love aint lovin, dont do nothin for my heart.
just a physical attraction, youre the bulls-eye - im the dart.
at least i know the way you feel,
dont care nothing for a love thats real,
when youre out there, doin the zig-zag walk.

zig-zag, walk like marilyn monroe,
zig-zag, talk like brigitte bardot,
no stone gonna be unturned,
when youre out there, walkin and a talkin,
baby, doin the zig-zag walk.

i said baby, doin the zig-zag walk,
doin that walk...
mmmm, fontastique!
ooh la la la!
shes doing that walk
the zig-zag walk...


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