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take it or leave it ark sz

ah yea, whoa, ah yea

take it or leave it, tell me what you wanna do,
take it or leave it, now the choice is up to you.
cant wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may be too late,
take away the sorrow, i cant wait.

take it or leave it, cant i make you understand?
if you can believe it, you hold the future in your hand.
if the choice was up to me girl, you would stay by my side,
our world would be a free world, aint no lie.

if our love was in vain, whos gonna help me hide the pain,
lonely days, lonely nights, without you girl, its just not right.
oh its just not right, whoa.

{rod - solo}

take it or leave it, i cant wait another day,
i got love if you need it, wont you tell me right away.
losin track of all the hours, hours run into days,
my mind is running out of power, you got me in a haze.

take it or leave it, take it or leave it,
got love if you need it, whoa, take it or leave it.
baby i want to know, ive got to know,
now if you need my love, tell me right now.
oh yea, tell me right now, yeah, yea,
lonely days, lonely nights,
you know baby, its a- its just not right.


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