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shes gone ark sz

rod price / dave peverett - knee trembler music - ascap

standin by the window, starin through the rain,
i built my world around her, now im on my way again.

cos shes gone, well shes gone,
well shes gone, well shes gone.

shes taken all my money - she didnt even leave a dime,
only one thing to do, stay loaded all the time.

well shes gone, well shes gone,
well shes gone, shes gone.

im gonna get me some wine,
get high, forget all my troubles,
you know that girl was so fine,
but shes gone, gone, gone.

{rod - solo}

days passin slowly, nights they never end,
shes right about the future,
im left and now im lookin for a woman and a friend.

shes gone, shes gone,
well shes gone, shes gone,
well shes gone, yea, yea shes gone,
its my turn to cry, cause shes gone.


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