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night shift ark sz

price / peverett - riff bros. music - ascap

working on a night shift, high on a fore day drive
im energized from sundown to sunrise, and ill sleep from nine to five
shadows fallin all down the line
get ready cause its night shift time

living, loving, searching high and low,
feel the fire, im hooked to a live wire, and i cant let go
i got a feeling that i cant mistake
sun rises and im still awake

ill play my music - i dont mind working over time
and if i lose it, ill come to you and youll give me peace of mind

{rod - solo}

i get home early in the morning, i love to get next you
you touch me and you thrill me, you know what to do

{dave scat/solo}

working on a night shift, you tell me somethings got to give
i dont mind cause im feelin fine, and i love the life i live
shadows fallin on down the line
get ready, cause its night shift time


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