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staring at sound/with you reprise ark sz
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staring at sound/with you reprise ark sz

i just dont want them to say,
"oh, its a beautiful day."
lets just not talk about the gloom.
lets all go die in my living-room.

i want to be a movie-star,
and play the part of a man from outer-space.
when we meet, ill fall in love with you.
and we have sex, but i dont know what to do (what to do).

i want to hear some band play,
a song that sounds just like you look.
and when they play, ill follow them around,
cause all id do is stare at the sound.

id just stare at the sound.
id just stare at the sound.
id just go.
come on.

all that i know
is my mind is blown.
when im with you.

when im with you. x5
when im...


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