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jesus shootin heroin ark sz

well, i never really understood religions,
except it seems a good reason to kill.
everybodys got their own conceptions,
and you know, they always will.
these days are needles under my skin.
jesus shootin heroin.

if there are priests at your party,
and youre playing cards that are numbered,
and you got no reason to think it,
until your chances are uncovered.
tell me that i got to believe in,
jesus shootin heroin.

the police in new york city,
chased a boy, right through the park.
in a case of mistaken identities,
they put a bullet through his heart.

i met mary, on the corner with the streetlights.
she asked me if id come up to her room.
i told her that i didnt have no money.
she said she had to leave pretty soon.
i decided that i would go in.
jesus shootin heroin.


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