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falconer, falconer arklar, falconer ark szleri
1.a quest for the crown403
2.busted to the floor404
3.child of innocence520
4.decadence of dignity447
5.en kungens man571
6.enter the glade442
7.entering eternity438
8.for life and liberty445
9.hear me pray444
10.heresy in disguise403
11.hooves over northland479
12.lament of a minstrel500
13.lord of the blacksmiths426
15.night of infamy419
16.per tyrssons dttar i vnge517
17.pledge for freedom415
18.portals of light395
20.royal galley498
21.stand in veneration386
22.substitutional world495
23.the clarion call440
24.the coronation409
25.the gate598
26.the past still lives on399
27.the sceptre of deception424
28.trail of flames411
29.under the sword491
30.upon the grave of guilt404
31.we sold our homesteads414
32.wings of serenity450
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