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visions, that you stir in my soul
visions, that will never grow old
sweet baby, i had some visions of you
if i cant have it all, just a taste will do

go ahead and live all your fantasies
(dont you ever think about the other side?)
helps you get from where you are
to where you want to be
(you and me oughta be taking a ride)
you do the best you can
and you make your mistakes
(if you dont like it, you can say that you tried)
cause all i have to give is whatever it takes

play on, el chingadero, play on
play on, el chingadero

dance, angel, dance til you wear out your blues
(only thing thats gonna save you now)
take another chance, you got nothing to lose
(the boy didnt love you anyhow)
girl, you drive me wild when you do what you do
(something makes me want to take you down)
if i cant have it all, just a taste will do
just a taste of you


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