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the king of hollywood ark sz

well, he sits up there on his leatherette
looks through pictures of the ones that he hasnt had yet
when he thinks he wants a closer look,
he gets out his little black telephone book
(hes calling, calling, calling
hes calling, calling, calling
hes calling,calling, calling
hes calling)

"come sit down here beside me, honey.
lets have a little heart to heart.
now look at me and tell me, darlin,
how badly do you want this part?
are you willing to sacrifice?
and are you willing to be real nice?
all your talent and my good taste,
id hate to see it go to waste."

"we gon get you an apartment, honey.
we gon get you a car.
(spoken) yeah, were gonna take care of you, darlin.
we gon make you a movie star.
for years ive seen em come and go."
he says, "ive had em all, ya know.
i handled everything in my own way.
i made em what they are today."

after while nothin was pretty.
after while everything got lost.
still, his jacuzzi runneth over.
still he just couldnt get off.
hes just another power junky.
just another silk scarf monkey.
youd know it if you saw his stuff.
the man just isnt big enough


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