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saturday night ark sz

seems like a dream now, it was so long ago
the moon burned so bright and the time went so slow
and i swore that i loved her and gave her a ring
the bluebird was high on the wing

whatever happened to saturday night
finding a sweetheart and holding her tight?
she said,"tell me, oh, tell me, was i alright?"
whatever happened to saturday night?

the years brought the railroad
it ran by my door
now theres boards on the windows
and dust on the floor
and she passes the time at another mans side
and i pass the time with my pride

what a tangled web we weave
go round with circumstance
someone show me how to tell the dancer
from the dance

what ever happened
to saturday night?
choosin a friend and loosin a fight
she said,"tell me, oh, tell me, are you alright?"
whatever happened to saturday night?
whatever happened to saturday night?


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