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out of control ark sz

oh, my, dont the sky look spacious
with the stars all shinin down
well, i can hear the night wind howlin
its a high and lonesome sound
and i aint had a woman in so long
i cant feed my starvin soul
come on, saddle up, boys, were gonna ride into town
were gonna get a little out of control

theres a card game in the corner
and the barmaid smiled at me
well, i tipped her a sliver dollar and
she brought me a drink for free

all the town-folk call her the cheap one
and the gamblers call her flo
come on, set em up again
i got me a friend and i think im gettin out of control

shes cool water, her momma taught her
i got news, shes mine and mine alone
and if anybodys lookin for trouble
you know im the one you want to try

well, ill fight any man who wants to
and i dont care who or why

you got to gamble on your story
you got no guts, you get no glory
and im bettin my money on an ace in the hole
think im gettin out of control


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