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lifes been good ark sz

i have a mansion forget the price
aint never been there they tell me its nice
i live in hotels tear out the walls
i have accountants pay for it all

they say im crazy but i have a good time
(everybody say oh, yeah.....oh,yeah)
im just looking for clues at the scene of the crime
lifes been good to me so far

my maserati does 185
i lost my license now i dont drive
i have a limo ride in the back
i lock the doors in case im attacked

im making records my fans they cant wait
they write me letters tell me im great
so i got me an office gold records on the wall
just leave a message maybe ill call

lucky im sane after all ive been through
everybody says im cool (hes cool)
i cant complain but sometimes i still do
lifes been good to me so far

i go to parties sometimes until four
its hard to leave when you cant find the door
its tough to handle this fortune and fame
everybodys so different i havent changed

they say im lazy but it takes all my time
everybody says oh yeah (oh yeah)
i keep on going guess ill never know why
lifes been good to me so far


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