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learn to be still ark sz

its just another day in paradise
as you stumble to your bed
youd give anything to silence
those voices ringing in your head
you thought you could find happiness
just over that green hill
you thought you would be satisfied
but you never will-
learn to be still

we are like sheep without a shepherd
we dont know how to be alone
so we wander round this desert
and wind up following the wrong gods home
but the flock cries out for another
and they keep answering that bell
and one more starry-eyed messiah
meets a violent farewell-
learn to be still
learn to be still

now the flowers in your garden
they dont smell so sweet
maybe youve forgotten
the heaven lying at your feet


there are so many contridictions
in all these messages we send
(we keep asking)
how do i get out of here
where do i fit in?
though the world is torn and shaken
even if your heart is breakin
its waiting for you to awaken
and someday you will-
learn to be still
learn to be still

you just keep on runnin
keep on runnin


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