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is it true ark sz

how come you love him when he
takes you for a fool
hes only lookin for a good time
how can he love you when he
treats you mean and cruel
hes not the best thing that you could find
is it true?
i cant believe it
is it true?
i just cant see it
is it true?
is that you?

when we were young, we didnt really have a care
you were hung up, i had a good line
i never knew it then but, man, i was in love
how could i know it was the right time?
is it true?
youve lost that feelin?
is is true?
you might be leavin?
is it true?
dont wanna find out

yes, i was so wrong
for leading you on
there wasnt much i could do

i was a wild one, but i can change some
if thats important to you
is it true- youve lost that feelin?
is it true- you might be leavin?
is it true?
is it true?
shes really leavin
shes really leavin


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