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hotel california ark sz

on a dark desert highway
cool wind in my hair
warm smell of colitas
rising up through the air
up ahead in the distance
i saw a shimmering light
my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
i had to stop for the night
there she stood in the doorway
i heard the mission bell ring
and i was thinking to myself this cold be heaven or this could be hell
then she lit up a candle
and she showed me the way
there were voices in the corridor
i thought i heard them say


welcome to the hotel california
such a lovely place
(such a lovely place)
such a lovely face
plenty of room at the hotel california
any time of year
(any time of year)
you can find it here
you can find it here

her mind is tiffany twisted
shes got the mercedes bends
shes got a lot of pretty, pretty boys
that she calls friends
how they dance in the courtyard
sweet summer sweat
some dance to remember
some dance to forget
so i called up the captain
please bring me my wine
he said
we havent had that spirit here since 1969
and still those voices are calling from far away
wake you up in the middle of the night
just to hear them say

welcome to the hotel california
such a lovely place
(such a lovely place)
such a lovely face
theyre livin it up at the hotel california
what a nice surprise
(what a nice surprise)
bring your alibies

mirrors on the ceiling
depict champagne on ice
and she said
we are all just prisoners here
of our own device
and in the masters chambers
they gathered for the feast
they stab it with their steely knives
but they just cant kill the beast
last thing i remember
i was running for the door
i had to find the passage back to the place i was before
relax said the nightman
we are programmed to receive
you can check out anytime you like
but you can never leave...


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