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earlybird ark sz

early in the morning
about the break of day
the earlybird is working
so his life dont fade away
spends his life denying that
hes got no time for flying
in the breeze
high up on his own, the eagle flies alone
and he is free
earlybird is scratching though
the goings getting tough
time is passing by him and he just
cant get enough
hell tell you all is well when
all is really going wrong
the earlybird will wake one day
and find his life is gone
you know i like to lay in bed
and sleep out in the sun
reading books and playing crazy music
just for fun
you know it makes feel so fine
and puts my mind at ease to
know that i dont harm a soul
in doing what i please
aaahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhhh ahhh.....
any old day you say,
aint gonna fade away
any old day you say,
aint gonna fade away


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