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doolin-dalton ark sz

they were duelin, doolin-dalton
high or low, it was the same
easy money and faithless women
red-eye whiskey for the pain
go down, bill dalton, it must be gods will,
two brothers luin dead in coffeyville
two voices call to you from where they stood
lay down your lay books now
theyre no damn good
better keep on movin, doolin-dalton
til your shadow sets you free
if youre fast, and if youre lucky
you will never see that hangin tree

well, the towns lay out across the dusty plains
like graveyards filled with tombstones, waitin for the names
and a man could use his back, or use his brains
but some just went stir crazy, lord, cause nothin ever changed
til bill doolin met bill dalton
he was workin cheap, just bidin time
then he laughed and said,"im goin,"
and so he left that peaceful life behind


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