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faith hill, faith hill arklar, faith hill ark szleri
1.a mans home is his castle456
2.a room in my heart394
3.bed of roses427
4.better days444
6.bringing out the elvis473
7.but i will490
9.go the distance455
10.i cant do that anymore462
11.i got my baby442
12.i love you427
13.i would be stronger than that495
14.if i should fall behind361
15.if im not in love586
16.if my heart had wings478
17.it matters to me471
18.it will be me427
19.ive got this friend659
20.just about now386
21.just around the eyes423
22.just to hear you say that you love me463
23.keep walkin on with shelby lynne434
24.let me let go437
25.lets go to vegas718
26.lets make love with tim mcgraw687
27.lifes too short to love like that630
28.love aint like that505
29.love child425
30.love is a sweet thing434
31.love will always win433
33.my wild frontier405
34.over the rainbow588
35.piece of my heart434
36.somebody stand by me466
37.someone elses dream635
38.somewhere down the road419
39.take me as i am475
40.thats how love moves452
41.the hard way433
42.the secret of life355
43.the way you love me419
44.there will come a day410
45.there youll be459
46.this kiss463
47.whats in it for me621
48.when you cry427
49.where are you christmas887
50.wild one550
51.you cant lose me604
52.you give me love452
53.you will be mine450
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