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this is what i do ark sz

yeah, killa
what we getting ready to do is seperate the men from the mice
the pit from the poddles, the villians from the heros, huh
dip set bitch
you know what that means?
youre amongst the diplomatic community
this my man hell rell, he locked up, he about to come home
hit em rell

[hell rell]
by the time this hit streets
ill probably be shackled up, on the bus with beast
what ima ride anyway, get high anyway
and let me vvs jewels blind your eyes anyway, fucka
you wanna be gangstas, listen to me
after two years teaching, youll get your degree
i took over blocks, and put dope and coke on em
send niggaz out, and put them under my deodorant
just like my speed stick nigga, i see chips quicker
so hot tomorrow, im dropping the remix nigga
oh yeah and your top on your 6, go head and drop that
just make your waves more easier to get popped at, nigga
roll the haze, lets get higher and higher
picture you selling me coke, i supply your supplier
they asking about my flow, yeah, its fire, its fire
yall snitch niggaz was hired to be wired
and thats my word fam, i swore to my mother id get you
made the phonecall, now im done with the issue
now, all my guerillas gonna come through and get you
and merk off from the double-nickle the color of pickles
i got a serious pimp game, i rock a sick chain
tote a two-tone ruger and roll with the dip gang
yall the type of niggaz to run from a rumble
holla if you want birds i could front you a couple nigga

[chorus 2x: hell rell and camron]
i stack chips, this is what i do (what he does)
run through divas, give em to my crew (to his crew)
send work out town, this is what i do (what he does)
be with my niggaz, this is what i do (what he does)

[hell rell]
shorty thought i had plans of spousing her
i just wanted to have sex on the couch with her
do it in the mouth with her
give her a few bricks, make her take it down south with her
im about my scrilla, come fuck with your nigga
and all these haters wanna bust at your nigga
and try to do me, so i rock the uzi under the coogi
this shit you gonna feel in your bones
they ask if im down with the roc, cause i be with killa and jones
i just put rocks on the block, rock rocks on my wrist
get your hardest nigga, he aint poppin like this
any nigga im tossing, nigga this is hungry season
we stopped flossing, you and your mans is getting it, were our preportion
yo killa, the only reason they killas
cause when they bust in they hoes, they make them get abortions
smoke dro, flow awesome
i got two guns, you got two guns, lets have a foursome
see i start a riot in a minute, supply it if you sniff it
im giving out samples, go head, try it, its terriffic
the crack heads love me, female ones hug me, kiss me
buy the whole pack with crumbled up 50s
dont cop from that nigga rell is what you tell the fiends
we getting all the money cause the dimes look like jellybeans
few blocks and a lock and key/ki, but i need the world
so its time to lay my pressure game down like preacher earl
everybody pay up or gonna get sprayed up
this year, im get my name back, and my weight up
go see premo, razorblade the plate up
make some packs, hit some workers, and wrap some cake up
this is what i do

[chorus 2x: hell rell and camron]
i stack chips, this is what i do (what he does)
run through divas, give em to my crew (to his crew)
send work out town, this is what i do (what he does)
be with my niggaz, this is what i do (what he does)

this is what he does, killa
santana, jim jones, freeky
tito in here tonight
whole taliban
45th side
diplomats man
you see what we do man, this is not a motherfucking joke
holla at your boy
thats seven digit cake, man


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