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take em to church ark sz

uh, this that harlem music right here
this that diddy bop, lets get ready for the winter music right here
this what it is

you know me dog i just wanna keep the peace
but sayin my name thats only gon lead to beef
tell my niggaz chill but they wanna heat the streets
or do it on record check it, we spit heat to beats

[juelz santana]
everybody welcomin this and welcomin that
he wasnt welcome in the first place how we welcome him back

[un kasa]
gimmie that mack let me work him wit that
tell mr. rogers ill leave his brain on the trolly track, now prolly that

listen, yall stop it, i know you apalled dot it
but this my call by the false prophet, all profit
harlem hustla, i cant at all knock it
but you hard when you go in the lords pocket
what you offerin put it right in offerin
they take it all, cash, credit, silver down the porcelin
look at the porche hes in, and give a portionin
no handicap, annie or and orphan friend, friend
but the sizzurp im drinkin on, birds im bankin on
get cha kirk franklin on, word, so get ya ben franklin on
just when you think its wrong, one blink hes gone

father forgive us but we gon take him to church
father forgive us and the truth it hurts
father forgive us and that wont work
no no no no no way, ay

yo you try and handle us, get on the air and damage us
screamin out harlem world, like you aint just abandon us
well let me fill you in, now its a whole clan of us
blink so mad he went and beat us cannibus
then zeek got shot, then zeek locked up
e got killed then, b popped up
but b hopped up, and stil poke out his chest
im probation, doe on house arrest
right out the flesh, sit in the house and rest
he dont pout get em gear, in the house we fresh
not that you care, just get it clear and think
one glare and wink, everyone wearin pink
im the reason that ya two rings are clear, yeah
im the reason that ya earrings are square, ya hear
now we take trips, casinos, lovely homes
we check on lodi moms, meano, huddy combs
homes, you tryna fake wit cardan
par-dan, we gon leave him naked like tarzan, aw damn


yo, i kill diamonds get wit pearls, i aint tryna kid the world
i aint got beef, when i do i say "get em girls"
not at this dog, we just heard the frontin
do harlem a favor, give the churches somethin
a rec center, in the winter where they youth can play
they dont even shoot the j, sell drugs, shoot and spray
im no better, still move a duece a day
thats two keys, i still move va
found the new-away, my crew do and say
fists fights to shoot outs, we wont move away

[1/2 hook]


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