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-we aint the usual we more than that crew that bang
this is s.a.s. dipset euro gang
this is east to west north south movin thangs
this is stretch cash comeback like boomerang
this is london, no not the dungeon
this is lump sum shuttin rocks in abundance
this is street life, and its deep riiighht?
when the 3 strikes hit ya chest like a reef high

all day long i sling, im so free like the song i sing, im soo freee likeee
alex haley retracing his roots
im free, like the haze in the booth inhale it then poof
im free like a mixtape rapper that just aint known
free like a right hand man that just came home im free
im free like somethin for nothin and ima keep on stuntin and frontin
im so freee like

you had enough yet?
i had a thug rep, way before new york. the drugs and the blood sets
and i get love fuck this industry, im reppin every nigga in these streets
so scream at me
i been known braggin..with jim jones flaggin in that new benzo wagon
i wont stop makin heads bop in this zone
the watch face full of bedrocks and flintstonesss im gone

do you believe that you free from this earth?
like a still born seed when conceiding its birth
until i reach in the shirt you deep in the dirt
you cant rest in peace till you sleep in a hearse (r.i.p.)
seek and you find, look bruv ill reach you in time
and for my brehs locked in the box for free in their mind
right now im freeing my mind my season to shine
this year i shock rocks in the block im deep on my grind and all i say is


slowed you haters, show you the old school vapors
niggaz please shit im free like the local papers
vocals greater, i don believe in these guys
shit i hunger the truth but they feedin me lies
sick to my stomach so i spit sicker than vomit
im free like "here bruv take a hit of this chronic"
and as they blowin the l i show them as well
we gonna make it to heaven cuz we goin through hell so yell
that im free...cuz im free....killa..s.a.s.....euro.....dipset..lets go

i was twirled in refered to a whirlwind
grew up in a whirlwind dude on thorough gin
thats why long as the world spin
that bentley with the engine and the trunk from berlin, im curled in
smirkin, seats is sherlin, surely im sure shit shorty tell ya girlfriends
in traffic jammin with pearl rims
its magic magician im merlin


but in the hood, i can tell you the saga
to eat theres beef on the menu theres drama
but you punksters punkin yall aint punkin me
with car cables yall still aint jumpin me
you had the 9 the ak a garbage truck
took a shit shit you still wouldnt dump on me
all the hatin they statin nothin get done to me
i still sit comfortably
tell niggaz nothins free..killa


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