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lets go ark sz

[marvin gaye]
ive been really tryin baby
tryin to hold back these feelings for so long
and if you feel like i feel baby
come on
ohhh come on
lets get on

[little kids voice]
lets get it on nigga

ah man
lets get it on man
santana you on your own man
lets do it man
we got these bastards
man lets do it

[juelz santana]
uh, you niggas dealin with a g from the block
yeah its me from the block
quick to tell a nigga (lets get it on)
but i dont really like to beef on the block
that bring heat to the block
i got ta eat on the block nigga (lets get it on)
yeah you dealin with a pimp from the hood
keep a chick from the hood
quick to tell her aye (lets get it on)
come on
lets go
im tryin to do it so aye (lets get it on)
im one hell of a guy
fly fella can fly
like scarface one hell of a high (lets get it on)
one hell of a ride
that i ride, 23s look like the pellas [propellers] on side (lets get it on)
who stuntin like me?
who frontin like me?
who did it, who get it, who done it like me?
you? (lets get it on)
who wishin, who frontin, who want it from me?
you? come get it, you want it, its nothing to me
you? (lets get it on)
yup, already know how i feel
when it comes to pumpin that steel
its like (lets get it on)
you know with these ride boys toke time up with the cowboy ropes
so (lets get it on)
uh, lets get it on yall
uh, its love (lets get it on)
hey ma, back that ass up
lookin back almost crashed up
so (lets get it on)
thats love right there
hit em one more time
lets get it on, on, on - [fades till end]


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