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i wanna be your lady ark sz

[nicole wray + (camron)]
boy you should know that (what)
i got you on my mind (ok)
your secret admire (uh huh)
ive been watching you boy (killa)

[chorus - 2x]
at night i think of you (dipset dipset)
i want to be ya lady baby
if ya game is on give me a call boo (call me up)
if ya love is strong gotta give my all to you (holla at me)

[verse 1: nicole wray (camron)]
everyday i pray my heart can win (word)
everynight i pray i can call you my man yeah yeah yeah (ok)
i need you (need me?)
i want you (want me?)
have you hold you squeeze you (ok)
so im going out (when?) every weekend (why?) just to see my boo again {ok ok}

at night i think of you (dipset dipset)
i want to be ya lady baby
if ya game is on give me a call boo (call me up)
if ya love is strong gotta give my all to you (holla at me)

uh huh
let me tell you what im bout baby

[verse 2: j.r. writer]
girl we shoot it slug it
gunz thatll move the public
laid up paid up straight up
hit jacob and abuse my budget
thats bright ice pipe price dikes hoes trully love it
right boo and american idol or ruben studdard
all my jewels get smuddered trust it ima thug forreal
since pac and biggie i kept sixty on hug the steel
now i glide fly and ride by above the grill
and fly jets yes where they pay with colored bills
thats canada, panama, damnit uh
equador, extra whores penelapi, pamela
all night more pipe allright girls stand up to my stamina
look mama ima monster slash damager


[verse 3: camron]
mami said como estas gracias muy bien
yo quiero chenchar mama and ya trully friend boobie
its a doobie unwrap ya doobie
its usually the gems
that have em in a jacuzzi gettin goo-ey again (thats true)
the supa dupa trupa manuva smoove rocket
boo had it the true jacket blue patches
live and feed armors now i got 3 commas
my bank account thats what counts roll that leaf mama
f that cheap ganja i go to a weed farmer (out west)
i get a purple strawberry peach uh huh
least uh huh
milly vanilli silly or the visa um
see the visa like the trees get em peach and chrome
i know the each is on
with you i wanna keep on knowin
f the keys of coke its only keys to cars keys to homes
and yes this i promise gliss on the wrist we can 5th like congress
this i wont tarnish youll be astonished and im being honest

[nicole wray]
boy you got all i need and from what i see
and boy im constantly thinking of you
i just want you



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