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hey ma remix ark sz

camron- hey ma remix, diplomats records.. lets go

[camron add libs in background]

i like it, you like it
i love it, you love it
you want it, i gut it
theres no need for you to be afraid

yo, where my baby at? not home
i heard her drops chrome
v-12, uh-oh my little girl done got grown
stocks grown, whereabouts are not known
but she check on the kid- hit the block phone
see you beat your girl
you need to free your girl
let her breathe, b, go see the world
wanna lock it down like she on punishment
thats why every time i hit it dog, i punish it

let me tell ya why i seen you many times
cant describe the way you make me feel
hang over his or mine, you gut me feelin high
could chemistry be the real?
boy its so true that im wanting you
can we hook up and spend some time?
youre the first one, boy the only one
thats always on my mind

[hook: toya]
in a summer day, in the winter time
when you breathe the heat, gutta make you mine
and im liking all the things you do
can i get the chance to know you, so come on

[chorus: toya]
i like it, you like it
no need to front when im around
i love it, you love it
thats why you keep on starin me down
you want it, i gut it
and im telling you that
theres no need for you to be afraid
i like it

so you walkin by, again you caught my eye
i knew right then you were the one i needed in my life
so chocolate and fine, i nearly lost my mind
when you graced me with your presence for the second time
lets get together and do whatever
theres no need for you to waste your time
wanna make moves, if its alright with you
hit me up so we can chill sometime



hey ma, whats up?
yes, you rather high
that car i copped? i just had to drop
it for you though- paint the thing apricot
when you take off, youll feel like an astronaut
when i get pulled, mom, i say pass the glock
stash the rocks, f cops, smash the drop
watch them go from ben and turn to dope shay
via speaker louie now her gold is rosy

hey ma, whats up?
lets slide- i gut the ride parked right outside
and once again we must discuss something
calm down, dont touch nothin
remember i still aint crush nothin
i aint tryin a be rude
im liking your groove, liking your move
the red stripe on your shoes
those are prada, right? damn, im her type
she tryin to get to know me
im trying to pop tonight cuz
(i like it, you like it)
so lets do it- lets move it baby
once again we up the west side
only difference is she leaning on my left side
playin with this, damn!
i call cam, know he waitin for this shit
phone rings (know he waitin for this)
yo, cam (what up?)
i stuffed (say word)
thats right (thats right)
(and yall got it on toniiiight)

i like the way you move the things you do to me
your smile got me feelin you
your attitude your style goes out on 23
i know youre feelin me
i like it, you want it, so get up on it!

[chorus x3]


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