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[40 caliber]
aiyo, the heat do spray
oh dough, too cheap, toupee
i just blow his wig off like a c2k
i dont care what ya people say
when ya whole team fags, call your crew b2gay
what you know about couversier and the denali gray
halle berry, halle robertson, thats how a holiday
i play the dotty way, bring it where ya mommy stay
see the gun, put ya hands up like hip hop hooray
im a dr. dre, stacks is high
niggaz comin at me wrong, and i ask em why
and they dont have the right answer, like allen i.
then put ya hands between ya legs, kiss ya ass goodbye
and get ya, squad aware, harlems here
and if we aint got roc on, we got rob em wear
cardiare, armys, safari gear
with coke, will line up more heads than a barber chair
them my fiend niggaz

[chorus 2x: 40 caliber]
this is 40 cal., and the forty thou
every forty miles and running, screaming shorty wild
laugh, flows, crack on the stove
when you hear that 4-0, act like you know

[40 caliber]
40, i can show you how to get a mean stack
supply you with crack thatll get your fiends back
trust me, so keep talking and get ya team clapped
gun smoking so much, it need a nicotine patch
and imma chain smoker, you got a chain, i smoke ya
throw em on the m track, thats how i train dojas
broke niggaz lie and steal, i leave em lyin still
you got a watch, you dead, thats time to kill
it aint right and when i show em the iron pills
imma bomb threat, you just a little fire drill
i buy out deals, why? cuz i rhyme reals
so dont think its millions, when i hit you with the 9 mil
im like a mind field, niggaz scared to step to me
drop two freestyles, already want the best of me
see what the roc cooking up, this the recipe
dipset byrdgang, told you, consectively

[chorus 2x]

[40 caliber]
touch my jewels, niggaz love to palm a grenade
my gun hold twelve shells, like a carton of eggs
yall know dudes from harlem get paid
but i aint talk about money, when it cost you an arm and a leg
sparking up haze in the garcia veg, have you cleaning my house
thats the one way ya squadll be me
sparkin the gaze, like barbers that fade
i turn ya head to the red sea, and i put a part in ya waves
im why niggaz smoke a carton a day, i blow ya father way
just to make you go, farther away
cuz in my hood, you try to floss fresher than manny
you be sweet vicks like the cough medicine candy
you mad my tom heavy and fancy
your money come in light bills, like conedison family
tuck whammies in a mini hoster, so when i hit you with the grand slam
fuck sammy, call me semi sosa

[chorus 2x]


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