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the fez ark sz

hello, colin; its the fez!

who has angered the volcano god? (x4)
you have angered the volcano god!

id like to help you son, but you smell like a goat
(ha ha ha ha)

chonga the goat-boys in the village again (x2)
hes frightening the women and hes raping the men because
chonga the goat-boys in the village again!

excuse me while i puke and die
(ha ha ha ha)

know what pisses me off, huh? you know what
what really gets me mad in this life?
its the goddamn periodic table of elements.
theyve got 109 or so naturally occuring elements.
then theyve got 10 or 11 of these
non-naturally occuring man-made elements.
they give them names like einsteinium,
californium, and nobelium.
and what i want to know is
if theyre man-made
just how the _hell_ can they be elements, huh?

know whats bothering my mind?

theres a time for taking
and a time for giving
but ripping off the butthole surfers
is how we make our living
(ha ha ha ha)


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