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take me to the specialist ark sz

i like to scream
i like to yell
thats cause im sick
and i need help
the specialist wont hurt me
hes not like the nuns
hes got a lot of pretty pills
i think ill take some yellow ones
take me to the specialist

i know that im crazy
i know that im nuts
but at least i admit it
and i think that takes some guts
the specialist doesnt care
what the voices say
hes got a lot of pretty pills
to make the voices go away
take me to the specialist

- mr. huberty
- yes, god?
- you wouldnt happen to have any power toools?
(psychopathic laughter)

and if im hopeless
well, thats the breaks
the cookie crumbles
the loony shakes
the specialist can see it
from my point of view
he understands me
cause he hears voices too
take me to the specialist (x4)

i hear weasels! (x10)

hey you kids! cut that crap out! hey come back here! i know who your parents
are. wouldnt do this if nixon was in the white house. cmon, im the walrus


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