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tacoland ark sz

theres a place
in san anton
where i can go
and not feel alone!

its a panacea
theyre always glad to see ya

youll understand
when you go
down to tacoland

when i feel
my world is lost
i go to tacoland
and i get really tossed!

i wish my band would always pla-a-ay
tacoland, i want to sta-a-ay

youll understand
when you go
down to tacoland

theres a girl with dirty hair
shes got her dress up in the air
she tells a lot of jokes
hell, shes got a lot to share

we ate a lot of figs
they passed around a bottle
and we took a lot of swigs

its natures plan
to go
down to tacoland

just three quarters of a mile past the rockwood exit in beautiful downtown
san antonio, texas


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