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six days ark sz

ive been to phoenix
so goddamn hot
110 in the shade
i didnt like it a lot
ive been to l.a.
so sunny and bright
so clean and good for you
it dont feel right

six days well be away from here
well steal a car, hijack a plane

ive been to denver
8 miles high
i didnt like it
and you know why
deep down in new orleans
we met with guns
those people got a weird idea
of what is fun

six days maybe new mexico
or would it all just be the same

ive seen el paso
aint goin back
spit across the border
and those brothers spit back
i loved it in austin
i wanted to stay
cheap rent and lone star beer
lots a places to play

six days well be away from here
well steal a car, hijack a plane

in just six days (x3)


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