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nutrition ark sz

now my life is easy
my life aint hard
im gonna spend all day
in my fuckin backyard
i aint got no money
hell, i dont care
my parents let me use their credit card

ive got nowhere to go
just hang out on the street
my folks say ive got no ambition
at least i give a shit
about the stuff i eat
yeah! i care about nutrition

tried to get a job
at the retail store
but i could not stand the competition
now i spend all my time
hangin out at the shore
givin myself a skin condition

ive got nowhere to go
just movin on my feet
people say ive got no ambition
at least i give a shit
about the stuff i eat
yeah! i care about nutrition

sometimes i get upset
when i see on the tv
all them people in this world
that is starvin
but theres nothin in this world
that could possibly bother me
when i smell the turkey dad is carvin

boy im starving
christ im starving!

my folks said
i gotta get myself a job
cause they aint gonna support me
well, if all i am to them
is just some lazy slob
why didnt they abort me?

i guess ill just hang out
on broad and south
livin by my intuition
at least i give a shit
what i put into my mouth
yeah! i care about nutrition

its good for me
ive got vitamin c
i care (x3)
i give a healthy shit
and mom and dad say if i eat all of my food
i can go to the hard core show and see f.o.d.


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