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now everybodys me ark sz

now everybodys me

rodney: joe, shut up!

everybody hates edie brickell
all my favourite shows are on tv
all the restaurants serve my favourite food
cause now everybodys me

now my apartments really crowded
cause i live there and im everybody
and everybodys sleeping with my girl
but, hey, everybodys me

now everybodys me (x4)

everybodys watching married with children
everybodys into bestiality
the stores stopped selling amstel light
cause now everybodys me

everybody loves charles manson
everybody wants to set him free
and everybodys on the parole board
cause now everybodys me

now everybodys me (x4)

i had to put an end to war
didnt make much sense to shoot at myself
no more christians, jews, muslims or amway salesmen
just a whole planet of tv addicts

everybodys got hairy feet
everybody follows my philosophy
everybodys got a nephew named jeff
cause now everybodys me

they had to lower all the basketball nets
cause everybodys only 5 foot 3
and everybody likes to dress like a monkey
cause now everybodys me

now everybodys me (x4)

now everybodys into what i do
steve albini, john? and frank sinatra sound exactly like me
i even set up a duo with julio iglesias
it was called me and julio down by the crackhouse
cause even julio iglesias is me
i have the number one album
i have all the albums
cause now everybodys me!

+ (1:59) [untitled]

now, i understand that some of you dont know sarah jane, so ill tell
you a little bit about her. shes a lesbian eskimo midget albino. she
went to college and she started the lesbian midget eskimo albino
student union, and four hundred people signed up. there they were,
hundreds of em, lesbian midget left-handed eskimo albinos. did i
mention the fact that shes left-handed? shes left-handed, alright.

girls got some strange hobbies. one of her hobbies is lowering children
into open manholes, which is kinda difficult cause a lot of the
children are taller than her, her being a midget and everything... or
her being a left-handed midget... or her being a left-handed lesbian
midget... or her being a left-handed lesbian albino midget... or her
being a lesbian left-handed albino midget eskimo... life can be really
difficult on that young lady.

she bit me once, you know. right here, ya see this? left a mark. she was
lowerin a friend of mines kid into the sewer, i run up, and tried to
stop her. i said, "listen there, you lesbian midget left-handed albino!
and you stop right there!" then she bit me. im afraid im gonna... im
gonna turn into a lesbian left-handed midget albino when the moon is

oh my god, the moon is full tonight! i can feel myself shrinking! i can
feel myself getting left-handed! i can feel myself getting the urge to
build an igloo! i can feel my skin turning white and my eyes getting
red! i can feel... i can feel the urge... to buy a suzanne vega album!!

nooo! nnnnnoooo!!!!

oh, im okay; it was just gas.


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