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not crazy ark sz

this is living
ive got everything i want at my fingertips
just have to clap and lights turn on

ive got several piles of records
i dont know which one ill put on next

ive got a hundred subscriptions to magazines ill never read
i like mail

im staring at the toys on my wall
wondering what can be swallowed
or take out an eyeball
or what the people in china think about these things
when they make them

im not crazy
im merely entertaining the thought of going insane

the ball game must be over now
maybe theyll show a movie
from the 80s

and ill imagine what it would be like to live back then
at the age i am now

im staring at the back of her head
trying to make her turn around

feeling the meat on my cat
wondering what it would be like to cook her
but i wont
cause that would cause a terrible fuss among my friends

and im not crazy
im merely entertaining the thought of going insane

im not crazy (x9)


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