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leggo my ego ark sz

my subconscious mind
has got me in a bind
your love has made me blind
let go my ego!

i feel the cold wind blow
it feels like 10 below
im feelin oh, so low
let go my ego!

i need some recreation
i got some strange sensations
i cant deal with relations

now my superego
is sayin no, no, no
i think ill listen to some early brian eno

i try to keep a lid
on my crazy id
i dont know what i did
let go my ego!

im beginning to lose my patience
im feelin some bad vibrations
wanna join the united nations

my psychoanalyst says i have a low self esteem
my psychoanalyst wants to know what i dream
what does it mean?

i just want out alive
im trying to survive
its like a real life game
a stratego

i keep hittin the bomb
and i cant stand calm
i wanna call my mom
let go my ego!

i need a long vacation
im feelin bad vibrations
i cant deal with relations

my psychoanalyst says i gotta tend my mind
like a garden, i gotta weed it from time to time

im feelin deep deep blue
i dont know whadda do
ah, honey, where are you?
let go my ego!

i got some good advice
but at a heavy price
i try to act real nice
let go my ego!

let go my ego! (x4)


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