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laundromat song ark sz


soap and quarters and bleach and laundry
are words i use at the laundromat
reading the news, and watching the people
thats what i do at the laundromat

at the laundromat my heart grows fat
ah ah
as my clothes get dry i stop and sigh
ah ah
dreaming -- screaming

theres a girl washing her clothes
im in love but nobody knows
she looks sixteen or seventeen
my mind grows dirty when my clothes get clean

shes so young and tall
ah ah
im gonna give her my all (or borax)
ah ah
dreaming -- screaming

im not a subtle guy
ill go to her and sigh
"if i dont see you again my love
i must surely die."

dreaming -- screaming

clothes go round and round
and my heart goes up and down
shes drying her jeans
in separate machines

shes loading up her granny cart
ah ah
goin out the door; its breaking my heart
ah ah
dreaming -- screaming


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