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khrissy ark sz

i tried to get to sleep but i had to throw up
i drank a cup of coffee decided to stay up
i watched the television took a sleeping pill
i had some awful dreams that seemed way too real

khrissy, always on my mind
forever all the time
you lift me up
yeah you trip me up
yeah you mix me up
you fix me up

now ive learned to punch the clock im keeping track of time
when i need to pay the bills i get to work on time
no time for sleepless nights and drinking until dawn
no time for restless flights i must get moving on

khrissy, always on my mind
forevers a long time
you lift me up
yeah you trip me up
yeah you mix me up
you fix me up

youre in the shadows
youre lurking in the corners
i feel you following me
silently, invisibly
(your name is...???)
you wake me up in the middle of the night
and i cant remember what was dream
and what was for real

you screw me up
yeah you shoot me up
yeah you suck me up
yeah you chew me up

took seven hits of acid couldnt play the show
what was goin through my mind i guess youll never know
it was the coolest thing ill never do again
now theres no backing out, this really is the end

khrissy, you played it very fine
for the final time
you hit me up
yeah you trip me up
yeah you pick me up
yeah you fix me up

oh khrissy
khrissy (x2)


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