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if i had a gun hidden track ark sz
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if i had a gun hidden track ark sz

would i be amused
would i be impressed
knowing that i had the power
to put a hole into your chest?
when the kids are crying
after the welfare checks been spent
would i rob a liquor store
to get some money for the rent?

if i had a gun

would i start smoking marlboros?
would i stop smoking kents?
would i gain some new respect?
would i gain some confidence?
would i suddenly go crazy
and shoot my family?
and see myself years later
on some crime show on tv

if i had a gun

would i wear it in my holster?
would i keep it concealed?
would i put it on the table
every time that im misdealed?
when i hear a nearby gunshot
when im up at night alone
would i feel a little safer
here in my urban home?

if i had a gun


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