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dont deny your inner child ark sz
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dont deny your inner child ark sz

there are others, and then there is myself

i must learn to distinguish the others from myself
they are separate people, with different personalities
they might not like the things i like
they might not eat the same food
or they might not want to go to the places where i want to go

there are others, and then there is myself

there are men, and there are women
often they dont get along
i must try to get along with everyone
no matter how stupid they might be
or how asinine their opinions are
i must learn to love everybody
even people who are so obviously inferior to me
that they make my flesh crawl
i will get to know these people
and i will cook them a ravioli dinner
from a can i found, in mexico city

there are others, and then there is myself

i believe in the power of the human soul
i believe that the government is in control
i believe theres a heaven up in the sky
i believe that my neighbours are human spies

tomorrow i will begin bathing
this is the start of a 6 part plan
which will take me into the next century
in the coming years, i will stop eating with my hands
i will let the dog out of the closet for some fresh air
i will put away the rubber mask
the cub-scout uniform
and yes, finally, even the cauliflower

there are others, and then there is myself

i believe in the goodness of all mankind
i believe that the government is reading my mind
i believe theres a god who loves us all
i believe in the beatles, except for paul!

i must no longer neglect my inner child
for he is very close
right there, under the floorboards
i will learn to get in touch with my feelings
even the ones that will probably get me arrested


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