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bitchin camaro ark sz

- hey jack, whats happenin?
- i dont know.
- well uh, rumour around town says you mighht be thinkin bout goin down to
the shore.
- uh, yeah, i think im gonna go down to thhe shore.
- whadda ya gonna do down there?
- uh, i dont know, p-play some video gamess, buy some def leppard t-shirts.
- dont forget your motley crue t-shirt; yknow all proceeds go to get their
lead singer out a jail.
- uh huh.
- cant wait to go down. hey uh, were ya goonna check out the sand bar while
youre down there?
- uh, whats the sand bar?
- ah, its a place that lets sixteen year-oold kids drink.
- ah, cool.
- ya hey, guess whos gonna be there?
- uh, who?
- my favourite cover band, crystal ship.
- wow.
- yeah, they do a doors show, youd be reallly impressed, in fact, it goes a
little like this:

love me two times baby
love me twice today
love me two times girl
cause i got aids
love me two times baby,
once for tomorrow,
once cause i got aids

- uh...
- pretty good jim morrison impersonation thhere. i hope those guys have a
good sense a humour and dont take us into court.
- uh, whats the court?
- never mind that, the important thing heree...
- you mean the peoples court.
- the... now, thats another story. the impportant thing here is that we get
to the part where you ask me how im gonna get down to the shore.
- oh, how you gettin down to the shore?
- funny you should ask, ive got a car now..
- ah wow, howd ya get a car?
- oh, my folks drove it up here from the baahamas.
- youre kidding!
- i must be, the bahamas are islands. okay,, the important thing here is
that, uh, you ask me what kinda car it is.
- uh uh, what kinda car do ya got?
- ive got a bitchin camaro...

bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
i ran over my neighbors
bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
now im in all the papers

my folks bought me a bitchin camaro
with no insurance to match
so if i happen to run you down
please dont leave a scratch

i ran over some old lady
one night at the county fair
and i didnt get arrested
because my dads the mayor

bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
donuts on your lawn
bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
tony orlando and dawn

when i drive past the kids
they all spit and cuss
cause ive got a bitchin camaro
and they have to ride the bus

so youd better get out of my way
when i come through your yard
cause ive got a bitchin camaro
and an exxon credit card

bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
hey man where ya headed?
bitchin camaro, bitchin camaro!
im drunk on unleaded!


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