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air crash museum ark sz

went out to feed the cattle
and to my surprise
my lawn was full of bodies
just a gatherin up the flies
a big ol jet liner
had dropped from out of the sky
well i was so darn happy that
i couldnt believe my eyes

were gonna stuff em
put em on display
tween patsy cline and buddy holly

loadin up my tractor
gonna take the bodies inside
betty lou will bring the sawdust
and ive got the formaldehyde
im callin up my neighbours
tell em all to drop by
a body stuffin party
and well bake some kidney pie

were gonna stuff em
put em on display
tween patsy cline and buddy holly

well have our own air crash museum
people lined for miles just to see em

jim croces in the corner
the big boppers by the stairs
ricky nelsons in the kitchen
but nobody cares


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