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school days ark sz

up in the morning and out to school
the teacher is teaching the golden rule
american history and practical maths
study em hard and hoping to pass
working your fingers right down to the bone
and the guy behind you wont leave you alone

ring ring goes the bell
the cook in the lunch room is ready to sell
youre lucky if you can find a seat
youre fortunate if you have time to eat
back in the classroom open your books
gee but the teacher dont know how mean she looks

hail hail rock n roll

soon as 3 oclock rolls aroun
you finally lay your burden down
close up your books and get out of your seat
down the hall and into the street
up to the corner and round the bend
right to the juke joint you go in

drop the coin right into the slot
you gotta hear something thats really hot
with the one you love youre makin romance
all day long youve been wanting to dance
feeling the music from head to toe
round and round and round you go

long live rock n roll


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