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mother may i, i would say
yes sweet baby take it away
it wont be long
just remember that
powerful is the woman in you
stay true
& shed come to me
when fire & water was gone
to caress the empty with a song
saying why cry for anger
that bullets the sky
just remember
ill remember & mama
ill get by
i know my face
seems crazed & wild
but i got her eyes
a mamas child am i
shes blessed with grace
& is smooth as a line
& when i shade
she helps me shine
& she comes to me
when theres nothing
i believe & holds me so high
yes i am free
saying why hold the anger
it wont let you fly
just remember
ill remember
& mama mama ill get by
confused by my own illusions
she said that its only my pride
& even the simplest solutions
still wont heal my mind
so ill remember
ill remember
& ill get by


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