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linger ark sz

if you, if you could return
dont let it burn, dont let it fade
im sure im not being rude
but its just your attitude
its tearing me apart its ruining everything
i swore, i swore i would be true
and honey so did you
so why were you holding her hand
is that the way we stand
were you lying all the time
was it just a game to you

but im in so deep
you know im such a fool for you
you got me wrapped around your finger
do you have to let it linger
do you have to, do you have to let it linger
oh, i thought the world of you
i thought nothing could go wrong
but i was wrong, but i was wrong

if you, if you could get by
trying not to lie
things wouldnt be so confused
and i wouldnt feel so used
but you always really knew
i just wanna be with you


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