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delicious surprise ark sz

if i won me the lottery
id dance naked in the street
with a top hat full of money
& youd wanna get to know me
if i won me the lottery

& if i was a movie star
id sip honey from a pickle jar
in the back of my limousine
& theyd call me an icon
& id be lookin back at you
from the cover of the people magazine

i guess its all for the takin
i guess its all yours and mine
my sister says i got to see it & believe it
& i believe i believe it
but im just an outsider
livin in a trailer with my black & white tv set
if only i was president
you know id paint the white house pink
& never have to pay the rent
if only i was president

i guess its all there for the takin
i think its all yours & mine
my preacher says i got to see it to believe it
& l believe
wont sleep till ive had enough
i believe wont sip my wine from no paper cup
i believe wont sleep till ive had enough

delicious surprise
now i do believe
no fear in my eyes
now i can see

heavens inside inside inside
i knew it all the time
got me somethin to believe in
but all i really want now is
a handful of salvation


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