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we dont make no damn mickey mouse music!

- pam the funkstress cuts "i shot the sherriff" -

f.t.s. with the coup, whatchu wanna do?
f.t.s., coup

chorus: boots, clap, vexx (repeat 2x)

undas, cops, pigs and shit
they be gettin on my nerves im bout to have a fit
i need land, a place where no money is spent
ill kick back, and live life immaculate (you say)

exchange data, no contact, no matta
eternally, youll find, information to be, god sent
the soul, my bodys bein spent like some dope shit
all the way from across the atlantic ocean
see i cant help but talk about the way my people been raped
right about now, im bout to set some shit straight
to all you late bloomers and early consumers, ignore the rumors
who has the made the whole nation backslide, to homicide
almost and damn near, genocide
we all need to check our soul inside
have you ever seen a human body landslide?
how bout some tanks doin a driveby
or a bomber droppin napalm from way high?
we long live, but sometimes we got ta die
the whole worlds about to bow man, that aint no lie
you betta find yoself befo yoself takes all your time

one mo gen now


bump you.. it got to be.. hot to me..
a cop to me.. could burn in hell
we re-bel.. we dont swell like the pressure
tester.. even leave the best of shakin and
shivering.. whooo.. icy cold.. delivery
deliberately slippery when wet
you moist yet? you check out
the hop-hippin.. it got you flippin while its slippin
the hippity hop, hit you, cause it get you
so god damn krunk, bang that wild shit; read:
god damn bump, ransom stylist, thick
rich like 69 dollar shit
crazy like the spice girls, finger lickin, kickin
sa-vory, fla-vory expedition mission
free the land africa, africa listen..

hah.. bring it back now


can you feel it? i can feel it
now if this party was a class id be a teacher
its f.t.s. and the coup, a double feature
now if this party was a car id be the driver
im rappin third, the mic is smellin like saliva
the emperor, that motherfuckers.. ass naked
well take you higher than when you had yo last dank hit
its not surprisin that when folks start to uprisin
theres police on the horizon, they been there all along
they just good at they disguisin, the po-pos supposed to keep
the peace they gotta make the bosses money increase
you never seen the police break up a strike
by hittin the boss with his baton pipe
and you aint never gon see one
but when we take over its gon be poppin like re-run, huh
boots from the coup, lightin the dark like a toker
much love to my folkers, all aces and jokers


f.t.s., the coup


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