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the liberation of lonzo williams ark sz

1986 a motherfucker doin tricks on the mix and i dont mean the fader
face of zits but gettin grits with black steel firesticks
drama buildin empire somethin like darth vader
now lonzo was armed with nuttin but a mean mug
(but tucked a forty-five, with forty-five slugs)
he was a jitterbug thug, at the dance, cuttin a rug
(treatin his sisters like a hooker) greetin his partners with a hug
breakdown shakedown, this brother would take a pound
of some soon to be cake grounds, and then go make rounds
firearms protectin wads of gorgeous greens
paper stacks of paid tax off of broken dreams
at puberty his liberty was found within a key
rocks were cookin but hes lookin for a way to be free
heres a key (theres a key) but lonzo, wheres yours?
theres no key to the door, but theres money on the floor
(so stoop down) bend over (hurry pick it up fast)
but watch out, lonzo -- youll get fucked in the ass

"a bad, a bad, a bad bad man!"
"do, do, you know dis kid?"
(repeat 4x)

knock knock (who is it?) time to visit but its two years later
cause lonzos rollin harder and its 1988
hes got some fat hes got some mo greens (and a brand new benz)
hes got respect and he suspects that it wont end
a couch is still a couch (and a chair is still a chair)
but a house is now a crackhouse luther, lonzos there
dying brains, dying bodies, too and from these dead residence
try in vain to kill they pain, exchangin, dead presidents
many bourgeoise parlei francoise (i dont speak it but i know it)
its all the same (the business game) but you go to jail for this shit
we were tribal our survival was now based on stoppin rivals
whos the fittest, as i raise my fists up cant survive and not be ruthless
(so why be straight, and scratch the bones
and a cellular phone, somebodys sittin on the throne
cause they dont let, black folks own)
they just give us this shit on loan, kick it

"a bad, a bad, a bad bad man!"
"do, do, you know dis kid?"
(repeat 4x)

ahahaha, what was i finished saying?
(aww yeah lonzos back in the county man)
damn well go visit him on sunday when we visit dee aight?

(madge says that bounty is the quicker-picker-upper)
well lonzo says the county is the slipper, tripper, stucker
years of unsettled funk and who gets what bunk junk
makes you feel like you took a test and flunked
(but dont get disturbed or perturbed; the teachers
on my last nerve, plus he grades with a downhill curve)
told lonzo kick it, the system is wicked, trick it, predict it
we got a way to lick it, gave him a book, said, "heres the ticket"
(now hes addicted) to learnin how we been afflicted
and what distributin that shit did
i made a quick bid to say, "dont trip kid
you never worked for the mob" (you had a government job)
lonzo knew i was right, no fight, now were tight
(plus he been out of jail about a year ago last night)
now he hangs with us poor revolutionary brothers
and five-oh, more than ever wants to fuck us
just cause we know the road to riches is crooked and narrow
well get more power from a hundred thousand gun barrels

"a bad, a bad, a bad bad man!"
"do, do, you know dis kid?"
(repeat 4x)


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