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kill my landlord ark sz

(hey, how are you guys fixing to pay?)

verse one: (?)

now check it, the topic of discussion
is more than a financial profit
united snakes wont stop it
blow for blow, the flow with the commentary gets
seventy-six septillion tons a-spinnin
[steady steppin into a new phase
new thoughts representing our slavery days]
the seeds of weeds and crops is much more than you figure
yo if hes a black man he must be a nigger
they make a gimmick i wouldnt doubt
[a sucker selling out for the sake of a scream and shout]
elements dont grow with nonsense
rather kick a little bit of science
[science about controlling actions of another
america was built on the sweat of black sisters and brothers]
never allowed to breathe but allowed to bleed and breed
[stripped of our creed and religion surviving on intuition]
and what the master said give em
[and besides the black man is the original lord of the land]
so im clenching my right hand
[brothers and sisters we must fight this slumlord]
overlord of the concrete jungle but im humble
as i witness my opponent crumble
like the shack that i live in the house that i rent from him
[roach infested im sure that the rats are nesting
the heat doesnt work he still hasnt checked it
disrespected me for the last time
i loaded up the nine stepping double time
another point scored
right between the eyes of my landlord

verse two: defrost

they tell me to hold my peace but i just cant
but im defrost of the rap group of point blank
so me im chilling at the table


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