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interrogation ark sz

i aint seen shit
i aint heard (nothing) i dont know what happen
i dont speak pig latin
i am a motherfucking true when its us against you
so fox skyhutch and inspector goose
i was taught dont rely on pigs for protection
shit i dont even ask em for directions
youre in the wrong section of the hood for a crime to be inspected
got this block infected
you could get ejected inspected
aint no love when youre the fuzz
i mean the fizz i mean my daddy told me who you was
i mean the wiz i mean
you cant get win
ease on down the road we got a dont speak to cops code
i went pro working for the man with the electric chair
thats why i never watched roberta and i hated huggie bear
even scooby doo snitched with that hippy ass van
but me i know the scoop i know the plan
ask me no questions i tell you no lies
you know the deal the real criminals who dressed in suit and ties
who holds the wealth you do more damage than health
so for me and my folks we gonna just do for self
i dont know shit about those stolen goods
you want peace mother fucker raise up out tha hood
i think you should no one is all i m gonna say
to get that 411 you better go ask mary j.
eroc do not play when theres pigs in town clown
you try looking up encyclopedia brown
thats when he frown asking who selling herb
i got disturbed fool im not your mocking bird
the only words coming out of my mouth is a lyrical thang
so please back tha fuck up off my screen tho
since i was four you was known to be the enemy
like rintintin you only give a shit for me
the community took four steps higher
86ing motherfuckas working for the suppliers
so sayonara before you catch a cap in your ass
no more questions in here so dont ask
you want peace motherfucka
raise up out of the hood repeat
well all the tattletalers and undercover dwellers
they are here to be placed into helicopter propellers
and the narcotic snatched up by the seat of his pants
his face was driven into a hill of army ants
the man had the murder for his benz and his face
i never saw the assailant he vanished through the mists
"you know the faces and names all your stories are polluted
tell me the truth before i have you electrocuted"
attempting on my person wouldnt be the wise thing
in your thoughts you have fear of my peoples uprisings
the masses rebel your aircraft propels
a cop was shot seven rounds were expelled
went straight right to hell just for being a fascist
burned uniforms and piles of human ashes
"your making this difficult so for being a bastard
ill have you charged for murderer and resisting arrest"
i never did resist youre telling 4 smiths
shes swung with the sticks so i made a spinal column twist
twist one came with a body blow to osaygefo
and he struck my abdominals and fractured his hand
rebels away through the twigs blasted their wigs
and there you will find a red ocean of pigs
stay away from my zone
where it starts and it ends
thats how we murder policemen upon planet 10
step into this 8 by 10
im getting nervous you feel me point blank
yo i feel the coppers came to serve us
but now here he comes
stepping through the fucking dough
and we dont know who smoked that motherfucking cop at the liquor store
but now you creep through the hood looking for a clue
but your bob head twice with the point blank crew
running up my bumper for late registration
taking me to that station for interrogation
and i guess im just supposed to just let my tongue run
asking me shit that would get my mother hung
but where im from up in my hood the shit wont raise
if a brother is constantly tripping that would be his arse
but now you wanna creep up on me and threaten me with time
while you got the billy club pointed at my spine
with things nowadays aint the same like they used to be
doing time for contempt aint new to me
i never feared going down with my whole damn crew
only thing that i fear is ever fucking with you
well i too took a beating from the boys in blue
and all cops watched like a pay per view
and unless youre referring to this incident
we dont know nothing and we aint seen shit
get it



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